19 January 2014

Breakfast Diaries: Tropical Leftovers

The other night for dinner, I made fish with a rather simple mango salsa recipe. In fact, I'm not even sure how much I enjoyed it with the fish at the time. I'm rather hard on myself when cooking so in hindsight nothing ever tastes proper in my mind at the time. 

I had all this left over salsa left and wasn't quite sure what to do with it until, I hit me. Light bulb. Breakfast. 

Toast topped with Avo + Egg + Mango Salsa. Quick, easy and brilliant. I loved the taste combination. I might dare say I liked this combo better than the fish. 

To make the whole meal even better, I found some coconut the other day at Food Lover's Market. Coconut water was the perfect drink for this meal, It's been so warm in South Africa these days. 

I'll spare you today's breakfast diaries. Pizza and Coffee. No picture, I devoured that pizza so fast this morning it was barely a thought in my mind. #Iusedtobefat 

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