12 August 2014

new space.

Long hiatus, lots of new things and changes. 

With all these changes, I've decided to start up a new space but I've been a bit preoccupied. 

Until then...

some visual updates and swoon worthy things from really talented people can be found here

(Keep in mind, I'm camera less at the moment. I've been making do with what I have.)

23 June 2014

Crunch Time.

Everything is happening so quickly, I haven't even had time to think. Not even in a--I'm too stressed sort of way. I just kind of turned myself on an auto-pilot robot. Buy, find something better, return, pin some more, et cetera. That's been my schedule as of late. 

The last two days I've barely seen the outside. I've been crunching away, designing and organizing. 
I'm not a designer by any standard but I can dabble in photoshop. These aren't perfect but they still have personality and fit us pretty well. 

inspired by jill and matt

protea prints/designs from lara cameron

20 January 2014

New Years Resolutions: Just be me

Sorry, I'm a procrastinator. Sorry, but I'm not really sorry.  

I decided to approach this year a little bit different. Maybe it's over-compensation for having no real motivation to better myself. But I also don't believe that's entirely true. 
I do want to better myself, but I don't want the new year to tell me that's what I need to do. 

So instead of goaling myself to lose 10 pounds, something I'd love to do. I'm not setting myself up for disaster with January 1. The reality is, I probably will lose 10 pounds but not because of a resolution. 

I just want to be me. I want to look at myself at the end of this year and recognize the woman I am and think, "this year, she was finally herself, not trying to mirror someone else or beat herself up for not being perfect when everyone else seems to be living this fabulous life." 

This years resolutions will go a little something like this. 

1. Eat more Chocolate 
2. Shave my legs less 
3. Snort 
4. Go out of the country. 
5. Search for home. 

You get the point. In the coming of the new year, I only want to be me, something I feel is a goal in itself. 

I also decided if learn something, that will be an accomplishment for 2014. 

On January first, I learned how to make a successful poached egg.  Score!!! 

Things I've already done since January 1. 

1. Learned to make a poached egg.
2. Gone out of the country. Mozambique. 
3. Had more family's dinners. 
4. Learned about a coconut 
5. Read 2 books, almost done with a third. 
6. Applied for three jobs. 

I'm sure there is more, but I'm blanking at the moment. 

19 January 2014

Breakfast Diaries: Tropical Leftovers

The other night for dinner, I made fish with a rather simple mango salsa recipe. In fact, I'm not even sure how much I enjoyed it with the fish at the time. I'm rather hard on myself when cooking so in hindsight nothing ever tastes proper in my mind at the time. 

I had all this left over salsa left and wasn't quite sure what to do with it until, I hit me. Light bulb. Breakfast. 

Toast topped with Avo + Egg + Mango Salsa. Quick, easy and brilliant. I loved the taste combination. I might dare say I liked this combo better than the fish. 

To make the whole meal even better, I found some coconut the other day at Food Lover's Market. Coconut water was the perfect drink for this meal, It's been so warm in South Africa these days. 

I'll spare you today's breakfast diaries. Pizza and Coffee. No picture, I devoured that pizza so fast this morning it was barely a thought in my mind. #Iusedtobefat 

12 January 2014

underwater holiday

Jayde and I went on holiday last week. I spent hours in the water, soaking up the sun. We might have soaked up the sun a little too much, our skin is definitely paying for it this week. 

Right before we went we got this fun underwater sony camera that sadly died the day before we actually NEEDED to use it. We went on a dolphin/snorkeling excursion and my camera died before I could prove that I got to swim with dolphins in a non-controlled environment but in the gorgeous, clear blue, Indian Ocean. It's okay, I'm not bitter or anything. It's just what ever person wants to happen on vacation the underwater camera doesn't indeed work properly underwater. (silver-lining, we replaced it but we aren't sure if it was a default or it's going to happen to the new camera.) 

Before the camera died we did take these fun underwater photos and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They totally bring me back to warm water and clear blue seas. 

If only I could be a mermaid. 

 photo winter2014_di_DSC00333_zps64d6340d.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00310_zps9c7b0109.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00335_zps5ce08b7b.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00392_zpsd928340b.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00395_zpsadc1a3ff.jpg