12 January 2014

underwater holiday

Jayde and I went on holiday last week. I spent hours in the water, soaking up the sun. We might have soaked up the sun a little too much, our skin is definitely paying for it this week. 

Right before we went we got this fun underwater sony camera that sadly died the day before we actually NEEDED to use it. We went on a dolphin/snorkeling excursion and my camera died before I could prove that I got to swim with dolphins in a non-controlled environment but in the gorgeous, clear blue, Indian Ocean. It's okay, I'm not bitter or anything. It's just what ever person wants to happen on vacation the underwater camera doesn't indeed work properly underwater. (silver-lining, we replaced it but we aren't sure if it was a default or it's going to happen to the new camera.) 

Before the camera died we did take these fun underwater photos and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They totally bring me back to warm water and clear blue seas. 

If only I could be a mermaid. 

 photo winter2014_di_DSC00333_zps64d6340d.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00310_zps9c7b0109.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00335_zps5ce08b7b.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00392_zpsd928340b.jpg

 photo winter2014_DSC00395_zpsadc1a3ff.jpg

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