23 June 2014

Crunch Time.

Everything is happening so quickly, I haven't even had time to think. Not even in a--I'm too stressed sort of way. I just kind of turned myself on an auto-pilot robot. Buy, find something better, return, pin some more, et cetera. That's been my schedule as of late. 

The last two days I've barely seen the outside. I've been crunching away, designing and organizing. 
I'm not a designer by any standard but I can dabble in photoshop. These aren't perfect but they still have personality and fit us pretty well. 

inspired by jill and matt

protea prints/designs from lara cameron

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Lucia Laubscher said...

These are super! Love it! And makes me wish even more that we could be there.... :-( but I know you guys are going to have a fabulous day....one and a half weeks to go!!! Whoooooohoooo!!!

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